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Jürgen Klopp Insists Liverpool Will Be Better Against Manchester United than Last Time

This side are ready to play their best football.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool’s only spot in an otherwise perfect Premier League record this season is the 1-1 draw away at Manchester United.

It wasn’t a terrible performance, but it was far from the side’s best stuff. The Liverpool manager, however, insists this will not be repeated.

“We didn’t play how well we wanted to play [at Old Trafford],” the Liverpool Echo report Klopp as saying. “We will learn how we want to play.

”Against Everton, we struggled away as well. Tight games, stuff like this, but obviously when you win, it’s okay. We always build it up as ‘Liverpool v United’ and you have to learn to deal with that situation.

”In the good old times, you saw it was a special fixture because everyone flew at each other and they kicked each other off the pitch. I don’t want to see that. If anyone asks us for that, no chance.

“We want to win the game, we don’t want to win one little battle here or there. We understand being aggressive in a completely different way to our grandfathers.

”If we hurt someone, it’s ourselves and not the other one. You have to find solutions on the pitch and for that, you need a clear mindset, and an outstanding atmosphere.

”How we do it at Manchester, we can think next year. Now we only need to think how we do it here and in the last game we won. It was a pretty important one for us and a decisive one for them, so let’s try to repeat that.”

Discussing the specific challenges against Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s side, Klopp added that “United have a really, really good football team, talented, experienced. There is a lot of good potential on the pitch. It’s a good team.

“I think they will probably qualify for the Champions League this season. If I was five points behind, I would be trying 100%. They have a really good team, the transfer window is still open and maybe they bring in a couple of good players who suit more Ole’s style of play, that is possible.

“So of course they can beat us but they can only play as good as we let them play. We are not Man City, sometimes unfortunately, sometimes thank God, we are us and we can be a really uncomfortable opponent as well.

“Why should we only be interested in how they can be uncomfortable for us?

“It’s our stadium, our place and we have to make sure everybody knows that before the first whistle.

“The atmosphere can start in the stadium before the game and all these things, just to make sure that we are at our best. If we are, then it’s really difficult for every team. That is the best news.

“It means we don’t have to be too concerned about different things, we have to be at our best. If we are, it’s difficult for other teams.”

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