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Gritty Reds Find Ways To Win - Even Luck

Liverpool, like life, finds a way

Sheffield United v Liverpool FC - Premier League
Like life, Liverpool finds a way
Photo by Action Foto Sport/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Skill. Determination. Grit. Luck? These are all vital attributes of a title winning team in the Premier League, even some luck every now and then. While we would all prefer comfortable wins from the current Champions of Europe, especially against lower table sides or newly promoted teams, finding a way to get all three points is the most important thing. Georginio Wijnaldum, the man with imperious ball control and a dazzling smile, talked about the need to get the points. He also talked about the occasional need for some luck.

“Sometimes you need luck,” the Dutch midfielder stated. “I was lucky today and the goalkeeper was unlucky. Sometimes you need those kind of moments.”

Those kinds of moments can decide who wins and who loses a title, especially when your team is not at the top of their game.

“We didn’t speed the tempo up when we needed to do that and we didn’t counter-press the ball. It wasn’t our best game,” said Wijnaldum.

While the Reds may have needed a lucky goal from an unlikely source to get the win against Sheffield United yesterday, they are still manufacturing good chances. Sadio Mane spurned two very good opportunities in front of goal.

The fact that Liverpool have so many weapons and ways to score makes it a little easier to manufacture some luck every now and again. This is no one dimensional team. The squad has scored from quick counters, free kicks, headers from corners, and yes, even the occasional goalkeeper error from a long range shot. Through seven games this season, eight players have already tallied a goal (nine if you include the fox in the box known as Own Goal).

Hopefully Liverpool will get back to their offensive best soon. In the meantime, however, we’ll take the points however we can get them, even if it’s a bit lucky.

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