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Andy Robertson is Back on Twitter But was Never Gone From Jürgen Klopp’s Heart

The Liverpool manager backs Robertson after post-Napoli criticisms.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

When the referee signaled for a penalty against Andy Robertson in Naples, we thought, ‘this is why it’s great to have VAR, the call with be overruled as a dive by José Callejón.’ But no, the penalty was given. Napoli went up 1-0 and the match was eventually lost by 2.

Jürgen Klopp has nothing but praise for Robertson. The Liverpool manager knows what happened in Napoli, he knows how his team played against Carlo Ancelotti’s side and how despite the scoreline they lost unfortunately and not decisively.

“The criticism has nothing to do with the expectation,” said Klopp. “It is to do with the world out there. He has played well for weeks and months and then you take it for granted.

”If there is one game less than another, you start asking what has happened to Andy Robertson. Nothing, it’s completely normal. The game before (against Newcastle), he was maybe the best player on the pitch.

”The Callejon situation, we all agree that it was not a penalty. Was it smart from Callejon? Yes, if you want to be smart like this.

“He wanted to get Robertson out of the game with little challenges here and discussions with the referee, and he got a harsh yellow card. But you face very experienced players and they try everything to decrease your quality.

“Nothing else happened. It was a completely normal game from Robbo.”

Post-match Andy Robertson shut down his Twitter account. The reason is unclear but he was receiving some harsh messages after the game for his involvement in the dubious penalty. He may have been distraught by an onslaught of computer men with unwarranted negativity. But he may have simply wanted a couple days holiday from the grind of social media.

Either way, the Scottish left back has reemerged on his digital perch and presumably will return to normal service. Let’s hope the same can be said of Liverpool’s winning form against Chelsea on Sunday.

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