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Andy Robertson: “The Most Important Thing Was Keeping All Our Players”

Liverpool’s left-back praises the club’s business acumen and looks forwards to more winning.

Liverpool Pre-Season Training Camp Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

I’m glad there’s a big togetherness thing happening at Liverpool. There was a time not long ago when the team was fractured and weird. It was fun. But was it joyful? With Raul Meireles, for awhile.

In these modern times, the Liverpool players are bathing in unity at Melwood. Jürgen Klopp did that. He is a galvanizing manager who is invested in consistency and steady growth as the means to success. That plan requires a team of players remaining together through their prime footballing years.

They will understand each other and the manager’s plans all the more after several seasons of success. There are a couple of supporting positions that seem open, and may still be filled, but as Andy Robertson explains Liverpool’s priority was locking down some superstars with some highly-lucrative contracts.

“For us, the most important thing was keeping all our players, and we’ve managed to do that, have all stayed together, and that’s a big thing.

“It’s about sticking together and getting even more familiar with each other.

“We’ve had players that have been in their first seasons—Keita and Fabinho, their first season is over now and they’ve settled in.

“So I’m sure they will be looking to kick on and so will everyone else.”

Having Fabinho at the start of the season will be important and if Naby Keita can stay on his upward trend and is an option for Klopp that would be great for Liverpool, too. Both players have looked good in pre-season.

And you’ve got to look at Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as a “new signing.” He was in great form before the injury and very effective for the team playing in midfield.

Klopp’s plans and Liverpool’s plans are guiding us to a consistently successful future. The club is building a world where the star players do not leave. They don’t want to leave because Liverpool is the place where winning and lots of money are happening big time.

“The focus now needs to be on winning more trophies, because the Champions League is now in the past,” said Robertson.

“We don’t want to be the team that only won one trophy—of course it’s a big one, but we want to be a team that wins a host of trophies.

“We are a long way off that, but we need to kick on this season and get another one under our belts. That’s the aim.”

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