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James Milner on the Super Cup: “You’ve Got to Win a Big Trophy to Get Here”

For Milner, the Super Cup is a big deal because of how Liverpool got to it—by winning number Six.

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

Just where a one-off cup game like the Super Cup on Wednesday ranks could be endlessly debated, but at least for Liverpool there appears to be a consensus forming around why it’s important—and that’s because of how Liverpool got to it.

They’re in the Super Cup against Europa winners Chelsea for winning the Champions League, their sixth European Cup. It matters as a trophy to kick off the 2019-20 season with because it also serves as confirmation of their victory in Madrid.

“I think the Super Cup’s a special trophy to win because you’ve got to win a big trophy to get there,” was James Milner’s take on the Super Cup. “So I think it’s important. I think it’s a good way to start the season if you can win a trophy.

“Obviously there’s been a lot of players away from both teams in various tournaments in the summer, so it’s a tough time of the season with players at different stages of fitness, but it’s the sort of game where everyone will click in straight away.”

That would probably be part of why, while Liverpool don’t list the Super Cup amongst the club’s 42 total major trophies, they do have a spot for it on the club’s trophy wall, with the club having previously won the match on three occasions.

It’s a chance to start the season off with silverware, and it’s silverware they have the chance to win because they—this same group of players—beat Tottenham in Madrid just about ten weeks ago now to win their sixth European Cup.

“A chance to win silverware and a great atmosphere as well,” Milner added of what he’s expecting from Wednesday. “It’s important to get a good start to the season and there’s nothing better than winning a game like that.”

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