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Alisson Has Chance to Become a Goalkeeping Legend—But It Will Take Time

He’s had a great start, but to become a legend takes time according to Ray Clemence.

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League - Final - Wanda Metropolitano Photo by Mike Egerton/PA Images via Getty Images

Alisson has proven he’s a great goalkeeper over the past year. He might be the best stopper in football on current form. The next step, just maybe, is to become a legend. Of the club. Of the game. But that next step will take a little time.

“He’s proved this year he’s a great goalkeeper,” former Reds’ stopper Ray Clemence told Sky this week. “Truly great ones, the legends, continue to do that for the next five, 10 years. The word legend is thrown out without thinking.

“Some of the players I was lucky to play with did it for six, seven, eight, 10 years—and that’s why they are so revered at Liverpool. But he’s had a great start. With foreign players, it’s partly down to how long they want to stay at a club.”

It’s true that the line between greatness and legendary status is measured in years. In Clemence’s case, it’s measured in over a thousand senior club appearances and five league titles—665 appearances and all five titles with Liverpool.

And while Alisson might never match that, four or five more seasons at Anfield where he plays like he did in 2019-20 and wins a few more major pieces of silverware would likely put Alisson into the truly legendary bracket.

“He never seems to get flustered,” Clemence added. “The great goalkeepers always look in control of every situation. He has that ability to make saves other goalkeepers can’t make—the saves when the game’s tight to keep them in it.”

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