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Liverpool Unveil Turquoise 2019-20 Third Kit

Liverpool’s third kit also involves a lot of black, but it’s the turquoise that you’ll either love or hate.

With each new kit released for the upcoming 2019-20 season, New Balance has divided opinions, starting with a red pinstripe number that sounds safe in theory but had opinions split thanks to an unusual shoulder yoke design and its half white socks.

Then, they released a clean white away kit. Again, written out that seems a safe choice. Only it went and used blue as the secondary colour, a sartorial choice that was always bound to leave some fans grumbling, even if it was a darker shade than Everton’s.

Now, we have their third. Which also includes a shade of blue and is probably going to be the most divisive of the three.

It’s mainly black—phantom black, according to New Balance’s colour book—which again seems a fairly safe choice for a Liverpool alternate kit. But then the secondary colour is turquoise. Most people are probably either going to love or hate it.

Us, we’re mostly trying to figure out what the pattern is meant to be. The club’s official release says it’s an homage to the shape of Liverpool’s street signs, with the shade of turqoise meant to match the colour of the city’s iconic copper Liver birds.

We’ll take their word on that one, and honestly, it doesn’t look bad on the players. Still, it feels as though in one way or another, none of these three kits from New Balance have played it safe, and this third takes it to the extreme—for better or worse.

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