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Jordan Henderson Highlights the Strong Leaders Throughout Liverpool’s Squad

The Liverpool captain praises the leadership in the team.


The message of unity comes up often when Liverpool players or Jürgen Klopp are being interviewed. It’s been a central theme to the club’s recent rise in excellence and an important part of the manager’s plan for success.

And it isn’t just lip service, although it can feel a bit canned at times but I’m not complaining. We know the togetherness is real because we’re seeing the benefits of it on the pitch. It’s starts with Klopp and training a team mentality.

As captain, Jordan Henderson relays the message of harmony more than his teammates to the public. But behind the scenes Henderson says what makes Liverpool’s bond so strong is that they have leaders all over the squad.

When asked if he’d pondered on his place in Liverpool’s storied history, Henderson quickly turned the focus back away from the individual and onto the team.

“Yeah, but I keep saying that’s not what it’s about for me,” said Henderson.

“Of course I’m so honoured and proud to captain this team and this football club. When I finish I can look back at my career and see how I’ve done. But for me, it’s just about giving everything for this team.

“I know I’m the one with the armband on a weekend if I’m playing, but there’s so many leaders and so many captains throughout this team that help lead this team in the dressing room, on and off the field. I’m just so proud to be part of this team and this football club.”

Jordan Henderson has been an exceptional captain for Liverpool. He didn’t need to win the Champions League to prove that, but now that he has, I think it’s official.

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