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Watch: Liverpool Fans Turn Madrid Red Ahead of Champions League Final

We’re hours from kickoff, and Liverpool fans lucky enough to be in Madrid are already in good voice.

The biggest game on the club football calendar is hours away, and with Liverpool fans having travelled en masse, they’ve been doing their part to set the mood ahead of the Champions League final as they sing and celebrate in the streets of Madrid.

From Allez Allez Allez to Si Señor to You’ll Never Walk Alone and everything in between, it sounds like it’s been a bit of a party for the travelling Kop—and anyone else fond of the Reds who’s lucky enough to have made it to the Spanish capital for today.

Here, then, are a few of the highlights to help you get fired up. Or to help you pass the time without chewing your nails off if you’re already fired up, which you probably already are, too.

We’re nearly there now. Kickoff from Madrid and the 2019 Champions League Final. And with it the chance to bring number six home to Anfield if we can get past Tottenham Hotspur one more time this season. Up the Reds.

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