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Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Message For Fans

The defender says that they’re playing today for the fans far and wide.

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Liverpool FC v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Happy Champions League final day! How are we feeling? Nervous? Excited? Terrified? Elated?

Big sports events are a communal experience, and with the internet and the rise of social media, it’s one that you can share with people all around the world at the same time. Here in Chicago, I won’t be that interested in the reactions of the people directly I’ll around me. I’ll want to share this moment with my friends in LA, England, Canada, Washington D.C., etc.

Trent Alexander-Arnold, the proud Scouser who has traveled to Madrid to play the biggest game of his career, understands the scope of the fandom supporting him and his teammates.

“We all know as players about the ticket allocation and how hard it is for the fans to get hold of tickets,” Alexander-Arnold admits. “And it’s probably not fair on a huge amount of fans who feel like they deserve to be there, but it’s not about whether you are in Madrid or back home in Liverpool, or you are in Madrid but can’t get a ticket, the support that they give us is massive no matter where they are in the world.

“We know, especially in pre-season when we travel the world and we actually get to see how many fans we have worldwide, it’s mind-blowing. So, I think we all know no matter what the fans will be supporting us from wherever they are. And that’s the main thing for us, to do it for them whether they are there or not.”

So what I am getting from this declaration from Alexander-Arnold is that all of my obsessive superstitions for before a game are vitally important to the team’s success, and he can feel it if I’m not wearing my lucky jeans. Good to know.

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