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Trent Alexander-Arnold Reflects On the “Most Important” Week of His Career

The right-back has had a standout season, but the final two matches are hugely important.

Liverpool Training & Press Conference Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

After an amazing season, both with the team and personally, Trent Alexander-Arnold and the other Reds will be up against in what may be the final two games of the season. On Tuesday, they have to face Barcelona at Anfield and try to overcome a three-goal disadvantage to make it to the Champions League final. After that, it’s the final league game of the season against Wolves. Unfortunately, the future isn’t entirely in their hands, and even if they win, they still need Manchester City to drop points in order to be crowned champions.

According to Trent Alexander-Arnold, upcoming week will “definitely” be the most important week of his career.

“I think you’ve got a chance to make a Champions League final and then you’ve got the final week of the Premier League when you’re still in with a shot of winning the title, so these weeks don’t really come around that often - but hopefully they will going forward,” he said.

“We’re just excited as a team to be part of this and hopefully we’ll be able to use it no matter what the outcome is in the two remaining games that we’ve got. Hopefully we’ll be able to use it next season to push on further and see where that gets us.

“I think it’s probably going to be the biggest week for all of us, but it’s these types of occasions that you want to be part of, especially with this club.

“It’s somewhere that the club should be most seasons, so it’s good that the club is back there where it belongs. We just want to be as successful as possible as a team.

“We know it’s probably out of our hands in terms of the league, but in the Champions League we’ve still got that small, little glimmer of hope and we’re going to fight until the very end for that.”

It’s hard to count out Liverpool at Anfield, but scoring at least three goals against one of the best teams in the world is a hard mountain to climb. Still, if any team can do it, it’s these phenomenal Reds, who seem to beat these sort of challenges three times before breakfast.

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