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Andy Robertson: It’s Been a Hell of a Title Race

The left back knows everyone just needs to stay focused.

Newcastle United v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

It’s a nail biting point in the season. Unless you’re Andy Robertson, however, in which case you seem to be able to stay totally focused.

The Liverpool left back admits that it has been tough this season but remains completely switched on to the task in hand.

“The pressure’s on both of us”, Robertson told Sky Sports, and “it’s been a hell of a title race. We knew all we could do was take it to the last game and luckily we’ve done that.

“If we get to 97 points and don’t win the league, then of course we’ll be gutted but we can’t have done much more. We’ve come up against a class team but I’m sure they’ll say the same about us.

“We’ve put the pressure back on Manchester City but they’ve had eight days to prepare for Leicester, so I’m sure they’ll be ready.

”We won’t expect anything but we can always hope.”

“We’ve been here before. When you look back over the season, we’ve scored a lot of late goals. That’s what we do, we stay calm.

“We know we’re fit and we know we’re strong and that’s why we keep going. Luckily, Divock popped up again with a lovely header.

“That’s two [late headers] now, that one and Everton [in December]. They’re massive goals and that’s what squads are all about.

“They may not have played as much as they’d like, but Shaqiri comes on and sets the goal up, Divock comes on and scores the goal, [Daniel] Sturridge, what a shift he’s put in over the 90 minutes when he’s not played a lot.

”Credit to all those lads that haven’t played a lot because they’ve kept us going all season, the lads that have played all the time, and that’s why we’ve got a winning formula just now.”

It’s crunch time. It’s out of our hands. All that we can ask for is the attitude Robertson keeps showing.

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