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Sean Cox’s Family Responds To Manchester City Taunts

They’re disappointed, as are we all.

A.S. Roma v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Semi Final Second Leg Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

A year ago, Sean Cox was still in a coma weeks after being viciously attacked before the first leg of an historic Champions League semifinal at Anfield. Over the past year, his progress has been slow. For anyone who saw the video of his soft spoken “thank you” for the support last month, it’s clear that there’s a long way to go for full recovery—if full recovery is even possible.

Indeed, when Manchester City were shown to have mocked the still-struggling Cox after winning the title in a video, it was not Sean Cox who responded, but his brother Martin.

“My first reaction was I was very disappointed,” Martin said in an interview with Talksport.

“It’s so close to home for ourselves with Sean, so we’re shocked now, to be honest with you.

“Any song like that, these players are media trained in this day and age and are role models for children.

“I don’t understand why the first thing they want to do, right after they win the league title, is sing about Liverpool, first of all, and then actually sing about fans getting battered in the streets.

“Surely they know that the song is inappropriate.”

“I don’t understand why Man City win the league and want to sing about Liverpool. They should be singing about their own club, concentrating on their own team.”

Indeed, Martin. But apparently the back-to-back Champions don’t have their own songs to sing, so they have to mock a man who can’t even defend himself. Along with the 96 dead from Hillsborough.

For their part, Martin and Sean Cox (as well as the tens of thousands of Liverpool and Irish supporters who have helped his cause) are showing more class than the City players could dream of.

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