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Robertson: Liverpool Will Use Time for Mental and Physical Relaxation and Recovery

Jurgen Klopp has sent the Reds on a short hiatus before gearing up for the Champions League final.

Liverpool FC v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

This season has been long and draining, both physically and mentally. And I’ve not even played a single minute (still waiting for that call, Jurgen). I can’t even imagine who physically and mentally draining it has been for the lads in Red, and doubly so for a lad who has played over 4000 minutes in all competitions.

Luckily, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp understands this, and have given the lads until later this week to rest and recover. On the need for a little—or should I say “wee”—bit of recovery, Andy Roberson was more than willing to discuss the matter with the club’s official website.

“It’s so important, being able to switch off and spend some time with your family, just trying to forget about football because it is an intense period of time,” Robbo said.

“If you can even switch off for two or three days then it’s perfect. I am sure in the back of our minds all of us will have the final, you can’t help that, but we’ll try and switch off as best we can and then we’ll go full steam ahead into the next couple of weeks.”

Robertson, in particular could use a couple of days off after getting Suarez’d in the second and decisive leg against Barcelona last week. (Just be thankful you didn’t come away with a bite-shaped scar, mate).

“It wasn’t the best on Sunday and I could feel it during the game, but I wanted to play and was desperate to get out there.

“The adrenaline kept me going and the fact a lot of us have played through pain, not just me. Luckily now we’ve got a couple of weeks to recover and get our bodies right – and we’ll know we’ll be as fresh as we can be going into the final.”

Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold have been instrumental to Liverpool’s on field success, with each fullback tallying 13+ assists in all competitions. Indeed, they’ve become the envy of clubs across Europe.

However, the running that Klopp expects from each of them—as well as their indispensable value—has taken its toll on the pair as the latter stages of the season wore on. A few days off (insofar as the energetic Scotsman can take a day off) can only help when the preparation for the final begins.

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