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Robertson Talks About This Team’s Future

It’s all (even further) upwards from here, folks.

Liverpool FC v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

It’s been an incredible, unforgettable season. The fact that it ended at Anfield, with a rising crescendo of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ echoing through the team’s ears as the final whistle blew on their 2-0 victory against Wolves, is just the cherry on top. We could talk about the fact that Manchester City took the title, but we could also do what Andy Robertson wants us to do and focus entirely on the positive take-aways here.

“97 points — if anyone offered us that at the start of the season I think everyone would’ve took it,” Robertson told the club’s official website. “We’ve come up against an incredible team and for us to get that close, it just shows you how far we’ve come. We’ve come a long way since last season and closed the gap to City.

”The good thing is that City know we’re here now and we’re not going anywhere. This squad will stay together and we need to put everything into next season.”

”We’ve not done much wrong, but we’ll learn from it,” Robertson added. “We’ve still got a massive game coming up and then we can focus on next season.”

That massive game coming up is one that City is decidedly not in (sorry, Pep) at Madrid. The fact that the opponent is a familiar one should help the Reds’ preparations, and if Liverpool keep playing the way they have been, it should be excellent.

Reflecting on how they played this season, Robertson said: ”we’ve come up against an incredible team, but this team isn’t bad as well.”

I’d definitely rate this team as “not all that bad”. Of course, when they’re going up against another team that isn’t all that bad, either, it gives us the kind of thrilling title race we saw through this entire season.

“Man City deserve all the credit they’re going to get,” Robertson said. “I think I saw it during the week that nobody has lost this Premier League, it’s been won — and it’s been won by an unbelievable team that’s set the standard. We’ve kept up with them but we’ve just fell short.”

”We’re in the final now and we need to take that one step further that we didn’t take last season.

”If we can do it then it’ll be a hell of a season. We know how hard that game against Tottenham is going to be.”

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