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Klopp on Title Race: As Long as There’s Football to Play It’s “a Really Good Moment”

The Liverpool manager is feeling positive despite the nature of the title race against Manchester City

Cardiff City v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

It’s the first time Liverpool have eclipsed 90 points in the Premier League. The first time two teams have eclipsed 90 points in a season. Whoever comes second is almost certain to have recorded the third highest points total ever in the Premier League.

It seems, from a Liverpool point of view, distinctly unfair. To have this team, this season, under this manager now, here, up against this Manchester City side. Still, while there are games to play there is hope, and there are still games to play.

“It’s a really good moment where we are because I go to bed and have football on my mind, I wake up with a line-up in my mind,” was Jürgen Klopp’s response when asked about his take on the title race Liverpool are locked in with Pep Guardiola’s City.

“In the moment it’s nice because it’s all positive thoughts in my mind. In football, when you won the last game you can imagine to win the next. If you lost the last game it’s so difficult to imagine to win the next. That’s our life constantly.

“We won a couple of games and we are in a really good moment. I think from the outside it looks so difficult and the boys deliver and deliver and deliver—that’s the cool thing. The rest is destiny. We don’t know. We have to do our best and see what we get for it.”

Even if that best means coming second, it will still have been a special season from this team under this manager. And given their age and the club’s current position, there seems a feeling from all involved that this won’t be the end of it.

That whatever happens over the next few weeks, this is a group that will be back—and maybe even better—next season. This was never a group built for success this season and this season only. Not in the league and not in Europe, either.

So they will play their games, against Newcastle and Wolves in the league and against Barcelona in the Champions League, and see where it all ends up. And wherever that is, they will have done themselves proud and can look to an even brighter future.

“A few weeks ago,” Klopp added, “people asked me if I can enjoy the period and I said, ‘Not really, it’s work.’ And it is work. But I like how my team are dealing with the situation. I’m really proud of the boys, how they deal with it.”

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