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Jürgen Klopp on Naby Keita’s “Brilliant” Press for Liverpool’s First Goal

Huddersfield Town were shocked early after Naby Keita forced an error and turned it into a goal just fifteen seconds into Liverpool’s 5-0 win.

Liverpool FC v Huddersfield Town - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Cheers radiated from Anfield early in Liverpool’s 5-0 victory over Huddersfield Town. Naby Keita pounced on an unknowing Jon Gorenc Stanković who was in the process of passing the ball to a teammate when he was nearly overcome by the tenacious Keith. The ball eventually fell to Mohamed Salah’s feet who then fed the ball back to the on running Naby who struck it just out of the reach of Jonas Lössl.

It was a fantastic pressing display from Keita and Jürgen Klopp handed out some praise to the Guinean midfielder in his post-match comments. It may be the end of the season, but Naby Keita has arrived.

“We analysed before the game that these passes, if you can put pressure – you saw the distance of Naby in that situation was pretty big actually, but with two or three really quick steps he was there,” said Klopp.

“I was surprised, so how can the Huddersfield player not be surprised there is somebody? Because a second ago nobody was around. It was a brilliant situation of Naby and then the gaps are open.

“For me, the goal was actually a bit too early. I have no problem with early goals but after all the preparation, all we said about how difficult the game is, I really think the game showed how difficult it could have been if we were not that clinical in the goalscoring situations because Huddersfield did well.

After the early goal Huddersfield took, but didn’t make much of, their advantages. Liverpool were put under some pressure but another perfect cross from Andy Robertson connected with Sadio Mané’s head and diffused a lot of the Terriers spunk.

“After the early goal they did really well; at set-pieces and all that stuff, they were in our half and passing around. We had to defend, because of the early goal. We were always kind of a second too late and we had to close these gaps with hard work. The boys did that, we got the momentum back and then it was our game.

“We played really well, scored wonderful goals, did all the things you have to do against a good but deep-defending side.

It may not have turned out to be the difficult match the manager was expecting but all credit to Klopp’s team for stepping passed Huddersfield with ease in the end. Onward to Newcastle.

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