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Klopp Talk: You Can Say It’s the Greatest Title Race Ever

The boss ways in on an intense run in.

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Porto v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final: Second Leg Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

It’s getting nervous here. Liverpool are four games away from either the greatest success in a generation or heartbreaking disappointment. Meanwhile, there’s just the small issue of a two legged Champions League semi final with Barcelona to contend with. I, for one, am bricking it. Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp, however, has somehow managed to stay calm.

“You can say it’s the greatest title race ever, I don’t know,” Klopp told The Telegraph.

“There are four other teams fighting like crazy for two Champions League positions as well. They will finish in the high 70s [in points], it’s absolutely crazy. Now the relegation battle is open again, so that makes it an unbelievably interesting season.

“Would I prefer it if we were the only team with this number of points? Yes. But it would still be a special season. We know we have to play our very best football to have a chance to win something. Nobody can get lazy. We have to be on our toes constantly.

“It is good for the whole football community that it is like this. It’s the reason why we have four English teams in European semi-finals. That is a really big statement. I like that.”

Of course, the entire league is not Klopp’s to worry about, and he did have some thoughts specifically on Liverpool.

“It is so far, so good, but we don’t think that positively about our situation,” Klopp added. “A 400-metre runner wouldn’t stop to think he was in a perfect position after 300 metres and watch as the other athletes go past him.

“It’s finished when it’s finished and not before. We want to be playing and winning, not sitting at home and hoping others lose. That is how you should be as a professional sportsman.”

It’s about as intense as it’s ever going to be for Liverpool. Let’s hope Klopp can see us through it.

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