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The End of Liverpool’s Quest for Silverware is Unknown, Says Jürgen Klopp

Klopp is happy at Liverpool. Liverpool is happy with Klopp. Silverware will come. Give it time.

Porto v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final: Second Leg Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

The search for silverware has been a weary slog for Liverpool for far too many seasons. The club have come up short on many occasions both domestically and in Europe and, while he has dramatically recorrected Liverpool’s course since signing on as manager, even Jürgen Klopp has failed to bring any shiny trophies home to Merseyside.

Anyone can see the incredible progress being made at Melwood under Klopp’s tutelage. Liverpool are twice in two seasons competing in the semi-finals of the Champions League. And the Premier League title race with Manchester City is turning out to be a historical feat. Records are being broken this season and Liverpool are all up those stats.

“A lot of people reminded me that when I first came here I signed a three-year contract and I said in four years if we’re sat here we probably would have won something,” said Klopp. “It didn’t happen yet.

“Look, both sides – the club and myself – have a wonderful commitment that we really try everything to make the club as successful as possible.

“How long it will take, I have no clue. The position we are now in I am really happy with.

“Not that it is the final position where we want to be, but the awareness from outside of the club, where we are, second time in the Champions League semi-final. That is really special.

“So many teams tried this year again and it did not happen for different reasons. Of course you need luck in some moments. We needed it. Before the Napoli home game, who would have thought we would be in the semis again?

“It’s a good moment but it’s not where we want to be at the end. We have a lot to improve. Our problem is the other teams do not sleep and have made a lot of good decisions as well. I don’t know how long it will take.”

If not for Manchester City also having a fantastic season, Liverpool would be clear to win the Premier League. sIt’s a strange thing. Sometimes Leicester City wins the league. Sometimes you play a season for the history books and still come up short. In the end, the club are in great shape with a manager seemingly tailor-made to represent its values both on and off the pitch.

Klopp, as always, is realistic about the level his team aspire to reach. Improvements need to be made and will be made in time. The project the manager envisions at Liverpool is still in its infancy. The players are always learning and always working better together.

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