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We Didn’t Watch Man City Beat Crystal Palace and Andy Robertson Didn’t, Either

Liverpool’s left back was watching the golf instead. Good call, Andy.

Liverpool FC v Watford FC - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

When it comes to Manchester City, whether it’s against Cardiff, Crystal Palace, or Fulham, our mantra has been the same: just don’t watch. Don’t pay any attention. If someone pulls the upset, great. Just don’t tune in in hope or expectation.

Better to focus on other things. Take out the trash, sort your shirts, get a pedicure. It literally doesn’t matter what, just do something that isn’t watching City hang ten on an outmatched opponent. And, it would appear, Andy Robertson agrees.

“We had the golf on,” was Robertson’s response when asked if the players had been keeping an eye on City’s match, which took place before they played Chelsea on Sunday afternoon. “I was watching it with James Milner in the treatment room.

“I wanted Tiger to win it. I’m sure some of the lads were aware of the City score but it wasn’t something we spoke about. We didn’t know the City result beforehand but because we hadn’t heard anything we just guessed they had won.”

Expect that City will win. And if they somehow don’t, it will surely be a big enough deal that someone will let you know about it. At least that seems like the best way to go when it’s the Cardiffs and Crystal Palaces and Fulhams of the world.

If you are going to tune in, determined to be there when City drop the points that just might hand the advantage back to Liverpool in the title race, wait for their games against United and Tottenham, opponents who at least might have a chance.

“You have to enjoy experiences like this,” the left back added. “I think we’re all enjoying it. You saw that with our performance against Chelsea, but we know there’s a lot of hard work still to be done.”

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