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Trent Alexander-Arnold and Liverpool “Not Really Fussed” How They Win Games

Win ugly, win lucky, win pretty, win convincingly. It doesn’t matter how, just win.

Fulham FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

It doesn’t matter how you win, it just matters that you do. At this stage of the season, in the midst of a title race that will likely end with Manchester City and Liverpool recording two of the four highest points totals in Premier League history—and one missing out.

Win ugly or win lucky or win beautifully or win convincingly. It doesn’t really matter. You just have to win; have to keep racking up the points and hoping, waiting, for the other side to slip up just that little bit. That’s how Trent Alexander-Arnold sees it, at least.

“We’re not really fussed how we get the win anymore,” the standout young right back said after Sunday’s 2-1 victory over Tottenham by way of a late and somewhat fortuitous Spurs own goal. “It’s all about the points we can get, that’s the main thing for us.

“We showed we can get late goals this season—Chelsea away, Everton at home, and the last two fixtures. We’re showing we’re going to the end. We can grind out wins, we’ve got all different types of wins this season and hopefully that’ll carry on in the next six.”

Of course, while the win may be all that matters to Liverpool at this point, that doesn’t change that the actual experience of a game like Sunday’s can be rather stressful—for the fans watching and even more so for the players out on the pitch playing it.

After the fact, all that matters is the points. In the moment, though, counting on late goals and winning by slim margins make for a tense, nervy kind of experience—and how things unfolded on Sunday at Anfield definitely led to some tension and nerves.

“Relief, more than anything,” Alexander-Arnold said of the emotions at the final whistle. “They had a massive chance near the end of the game, we went up the other end—and it was very fortunate, but a goal is a goal and a win is the most important thing.”

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