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Peter Crouch Looking Forward to Latest Anfield Return

The Burnley striker wants to score and for his side to win on Sunday. He’d also like Liverpool to win the league.

Burnley FC v Southampton FC - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Peter Crouch wants to score a goal and for Burnley to beat Liverpool on Sunday. He’d also like Liverpool to win the Premier League. The two goals, in all likelihood, aren’t compatible, as much as the former Red and current Claret might hope.

Still, whatever Sunday holds, Crouch says that he always enjoys heading back to Liverpool to face his old club, to meet up with the people he still keeps in touch with from his time at Anfield, and to be reminded of some of his successes in Red.

“I love going back,” Crouch told The Burnley Express. “I have got a lot of friends there still. People I know in the area are big Reds as well so it is good to go back. I loved it, at the time we won the FA Cup got to the Champions League final.

“Obviously I’d like to see them win the league, but I’d like us to go there and get the three points. I’ve only got happy memories from my time there and I always love going back [but] if the chance comes I’d be sticking it away without any trouble.”

Liverpool fans might not even begrudge Crouch scoring a goal—at least if it came in a losing effort for Burnley. The hope, though, will be that he saves any extra goals he’s been holding back this season for Manchester City on April 28th.

And for the home fans, Liverpool’s defensive record at least will provide comfort—nobody has conceded fewer league goals than the Reds this season, and even when their attack has struggled they have continued to record clean sheets.

“I’ve got a few Scouse mates who won’t be too pleased if it happens, but we’ll be going all out to get three points,” Crouch added. “It would be nice to get a goal and I would like to see them win the league as well.

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