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Andy Robertson Plans to Keep Fighting

The player is ready to keep chasing the title.

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Everton FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

No one connected to Liverpool Football Club could be happy right now after losing their tenuous grip on the title with a goalless draw with against Everton. The fact that it was draws with Manchester United and Everton that contributed to them moving down to second makes it even more frustrating and difficult to stomach.

Andy Robertson feels the nerves as well, but he is determined to continue fighting for the title.

“Of course, we’re only a point behind City,” he responded.

“There’s still only a game twist if they drop points, so we’re there to capitalise on that [and] that’s what we’ve got to do. They’ve been good at closing the gap on us and have taken over from us. They’ve been good at piling on the pressure, but now we do that to them and hopefully they feel it because we will push them the whole way.

“We’ll push right to the final whistle and kick against Wolves in the last game of the season. If we fall short, we fall short, if we don’t then great.

“But we’ll fight for everything now and we’ll push them the whole way. If they drop points then we need to be in a position to capitalise on that like they’ve done to us.”

Liverpool already overtook Manchester City once this season, and with nine games left, it’s possible that they can do it again, assuming their performances at the end of the season improve.

The title race isn’t over by a long shot, and one good week could see the whole situation change in Liverpool’s favor.

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