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Steven Gerrard Would “Walk Into” His Current Rangers Side

A former teammate says Gerrard might want to reconsider his retirement.

Action Plus via Getty Images

Fresh off scoring the winning goal against AC Milan in an unusually competitive legends’ match, might it be time for former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard to at least consider un-hanging up his boots and getting back out on the pitch more regularly?

At least one other former Red seems to think so, with Danny Murphy saying that he believes the 38-year-old Gerrard showed over the weekend that he still has what it takes to be a difference maker—though perhaps not at the Premier League level.

“I don’t know his fitness right now but he would—with a little bit of tweaking—walk into that Rangers team,” Murphy said. “He would say no but he’s still in his 30s. If he put his boots on against Celtic, it wouldn’t surprise me if they won and he got the winner.”

Gerrard, it’s worth remembering, hasn’t kicked a ball competitively—at least outside of the various legends’ matches—in three years now, and his attempts to prolong his career with LA Galaxy were something of a mixed bag as far as impact and results.

While he certainly looked good playing on the weekend, and even if the two legends sides on Saturday appeared younger and more competitive than they sometimes do in these sorts of games, it was still a legends’ match and that context matters.

“He’s not going to do it so let’s not get hopeful for the Rangers fans,” Murphy added, acknowledging that while it was nice to see Gerrard on the pitch and making an impact, the reality is that those days are—outside the odd legends match—over.

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