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Klopp Talk: It’s Very Important That We Won Today

But seriously.

Fulham FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

There are moments that we’d all like to forget, and several of them happened in the second half of this weekend’s match against Fulham. An error from James Milner, Virgil van Dijk, and Allison resulted in Fulham equalising in the second half. Luckily for the Reds, Fulham’s goalkeeper, Sergio Rico, saw fit to give away a late penalty, and James Milner was able to pull Liverpool up ahead with minutes left on the clock. In the words of that beardy Elizabethan fellow: all’s well that ends well. Jürgen Klopp definitely agrees.

“It’s the best position you can be in. For us, it was clear — it is always clear — City don’t look like they’ll drop a lot of points, so we have to win and to win and to win,” Klopp said in his post-match interview. “That’s our job to do. They don’t play today, we knew that, but now they have a game in hand. That doesn’t mean we are now far away from them or something like this.”

“It is very important that we won today; I think you could see it in our reaction after the game, we are really all very, very happy about it. The most important thing now is they all come back healthy again.”

Klopp is, of course, concerned about the upcoming international break and whether the players called up will be able to return in the right mindset to take on Tottenham on the 31st of March.

“For quite a lot of players they will come up against quite an intense time, two games for most of them and then we start immediately against Tottenham,” Klopp added. “An interesting game against a really good football team. Nothing is decided, all we can make sure is we stay in the race — and we want to stay in the race. Today we showed that, so all good.”

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