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Henderson: Liverpool Need to Be “Mentally Ready” For Next Few Months

The captain believes that Liverpool have the squad necessary to compete in the league and in Europe.

Liverpool Training and Press Conference Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The next three and a half months of football that remain in this season might be the most important three and a half months for Liverpool Football Club in over a decade. They are competing in the knockout stages of the Champions League and find themselves knee-deep in a vicious battle for the league title.

With injuries starting to pile up, the concern is that Liverpool won’t have the squad depth to continue being competitive all the way through May.

Captain Jordan Henderson, in the press conference before Liverpool’s game against Bayern Munich in the Round of 16 on Tuesday, proclaimed confidence that the Reds have the depth they need to keep pushing on to the end of the season.

“I feel as though we have got a good enough squad to cope with the games when they are coming thick and fast,” Henderson said.

“It is down to us to keep performing, no matter what competition it is. We will give everything and just be mentally ready for the next few months.

“No matter who we are playing now, every game is the biggest of the season. Hopefully it will be that way all the way until the end of the season because that will mean we are in a decent position and right in the running.

“For us, it is game by game. Munich is the biggest game. Then Manchester United is the biggest game. Then Watford is the biggest game. That is the way it will go.”

Now on one side, uh, raise your hand if you’re feeling nervous about this. On the other, it’s the middle of February, and the captain of Liverpool Football Club is getting questions about possibly winning both the Premier League and the Champions League.

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