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FA Refuses To Use Anfield For England Friendly Due To Ban On Sun “Journalists”

The FA will not consider Anfield for an England friendly. Good.

Soccer : Carling Cup Final 2012 - Cardiff City v Liverpool
Is right.
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According to The Daily Mail, Anfield will not be considered by the English FA for a pre-tournament friendly ahead of the 2020 Euros.

The reason? The stadium-wide ban on reporters who work for the rag that isn’t even fit for birdcage liner.

The FA is reportedly having difficulty finding an appropriate venue for their June 7th friendly. Wembley will be unavailable because of preparation for the summer tournament, so the FA decided to look to the north for a suitable replacement. However, Old Trafford will be hosting a charity match, and the Etihad is scheduled for minor renovations.

Despite having three of the biggest—if not necessarily the best—stadiums unavailable, the FA still will not consider Anfield because of its ban.

Considering the feeling among most Liverpudlians (Blues and Reds alike) toward the English national team and that rag, it does not seem as if this will be seen as a big loss. As such, it is unlikely that the club will change its mind any time soon.

The outright lies told by The Sun in the aftermath of Hillsborough continue to live long in the memories of all Scousers. The fact that the rag continues with its right-wing propaganda, lies, racism, and xenophobia, without any regard or remorse for those who have been hurt—and continue to be hurt along the way—means that the only correct stance for the club is to continue its ban.

The FA, English national team, and English national team supporters? They can all jog on, just like The Sun.

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