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Daniel Agger Doesn’t Like VAR

Let’s be real, Liverpool have been lucky in the VAR department.

Liverpool FC Legends v AC Milan Glorie - Friendly Photo by LFC Foundation/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

The Video Assisted Referee system, or VAR, has been the source of a lot of controversy since it’s introduction. What was developed as a tool to help referees around the world and in the various leagues to help referees on the ground to make the right decision regarding potentially game changing calls, has come under some fire. It seems that every referee has had their own interpretation of the rules, and whether or not VAR had made the right decision remains to be seen.

One of our former players that brings in a lot of love is the Great Dane, Daniel Agger, and he made it well aware that he’s not a fan of the VAR system on Sunday when Liverpool managed to beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-0, after VAR stepped in and ruled out their equalizer. As things stand, Liverpool have benefited quite enough from VAR’s impositions, as the referees have stepped in with VAR quite a few times when Liverpool have been involved. But Daniel Agger took to Twitter recently to express his displeasure with the ruling, and the time it took to get to the decision that ruled out the equalizing goal, and maybe even the time it took to decide that Sadio Mane’s goal should stand.

Of course, VAR was instituted to give the referees who can’t really find the right call a bit of an assist. But in Agger’s case, we’re all probably better off that VAR wasn’t introduced when he was playing the game. Liverpool might not have gotten away with as much as they did then, if VAR had been around to snoop down Agger’s neck.

Regardless of his thoughts on the situation, the facts are these: Liverpool sit atop of the table, if VAR hadn’t existed then maybe today’s match would’ve ended in a draw, and if VAR had been around when Agger had been playing, he might’ve gotten sent off more often.

Either way, what matters is that Liverpool are well on their way to maybe that mythical title. And VAR maybe helped.

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