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Jürgen Klopp Hails “Wonderful Night” as Liverpool Win the Club World Cup

FIFA Club World Cup Winners Portrait Session Photo by David Ramos - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

So Liverpool are the Champions of Earth now. We’re going to be casually bringing that one up for a while.

It wasn’t a great game, but that becomes totally irrelevant now. Liverpool won the damn thing and celebrated accordingly. Obviously, the manager was delighted.

“It was a wonderful night for us, for the club, for everybody who is with us”, Jürgen Klopp told the Liverpool Echo.

“It’s a tough period for us, but the boys, game after game after game, they really show the desire to make the next step, show the desire to win the next game, show the desire to win the next challenge.

“Tonight, we couldn’t do more than win this game and winning (the title) for the first time for this wonderful club.

“Flamengo is a really, really good team and tonight we were the better team. That’s why we won.”

Speaking more of the emotions of the moment, Klopp added that “I said beforehand I didn’t know what it would feel like, but now I can say it’s outstanding.

“Absolutely sensational. I’m so proud of the boys. Couldn’t be better.

“It feels really great. We are all exhausted pretty much from a really intense game.

“In moments like this I really struggle to find the right words as it’s not my native language for describing my respect for the boys and how they do it. It was an incredible performance in an incredibly difficult game against a good opponent.

“We did so many good things. So many good football moments. Everybody for different reasons was on the edge pretty much. There were some sensationally good performances.

“I’m really happy. The atmosphere in the stadium was great, Flamengo have been partying the whole week we’ve been here but while they can’t celebrate that much now, they should be proud of what their team did.

“But we deserved the win. We were the better side. In some moments we had a really good goalkeeper, and in most other moments we were the dominant team.”

It’s another trophy in the cabinet. It’s another title. It’s another one on the way to, let’s be honest, the trophy we all really want in May.

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