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Jordan Henderson’s Leadership Defines Liverpool in 2019-20

He may not always get the respect he deserves, but this is a Liverpool side that has ended up reflecting its captain.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Having captained Liverpool to three European finals and made more than 330 appearances since joining the Reds in 2011, Jordan Henderson has more than earned a place on any list of the club’s most important players.

He may not always get the respect he deserves, but there have been few more consistent—and important—players to the club for the better part of a decade, and that’s something his teammates and coaches well appreciate.

“Jordan is such an important player for this team,” was Virgil van Dijk’s verdict after another strong outing from Henderson helped the Reds to dominate Red Bull Salzburg and advance with a 2-0 victory in the Champions League.

“I think the contribution he makes goes unnoticed sometimes. I don’t know if he’s under-appreciated outside the club, but inside the club I know how highly we all think of him. He’s our captain and he always leads by example.”

For any top side, for any Jürgen Klopp side, and especially for this Liverpool side, the value of players who are strong leaders on the pitch is hard to overstate—and it’s a big part of why this Liverpool side seem to always get the result.

And even without Van Dijk’s vote of confidence, it would be hard to look at this particular Liverpool vintage and not see the imprint of Henderson’s mentality on the way the team go out and approach each and every game.

“He always works so hard for the team,” Van Dijk added. “He’s been at the club for a number of years and we all appreciate what he does for Liverpool, both on and off the pitch. He’s a leader.”

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