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Jürgen Klopp on Liverpool’s Win over Brighton: “We Have So Much Room for Improvement”

The Liverpool boss admits his side have areas in which they could be better.

Liverpool FC v Brighton & Hove Albion - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Liverpool beat Brighton, just about. It was another one of those tight games at Anfield yesterday, where Liverpool just manage to find enough to get the three points. That certainly speaks to positive qualities in the side, but it’s understandable that Jürgen Klopp might look at an inability to win games comfortably as a problem.

“We cannot create better chances than we had in the first half,” the Liverpool Echo report the manager as saying. “When you don’t finish them then the opponents get a bit more momentum and you lose it.

“We would have loved had we finished one or two more off then it looks much more comfortable.

“There will be days when we score from situations like that and we don’t use our set-pieces, but you have to score goals and we have done that often enough to win games.

”We have so much space for improvement, it is incredible, we know that. But the first job is to win the game and we did that. We will not stop working on it.”

“We are concerned about different thing, we are focused, then we play the game. It is not as though we feel ourselves as favourites in some games. We fight with all we have for the result and that’s what the boys did again. Result-wise it is an incredible period.

“But we don’t think about the last 14 games, we are concerned about the next one which is Everton and a big one. We have to make sure we are prepared for that because it will be another big fight, whatever result Everton get against Leicester.

“We don’t think about the points gap, people have told me we are 11 points clear but Leicester could win tomorrow and then it is eight, that’s how I see it.”

Looking ahead to this week’s Merseyside derby, Klopp added that “it’s not that I don’t think Everton can win there, but Leicester are in incredible shape. We always have to make sure we are ready.

”Between now and Everton we have maybe one-and-a-half proper sessions. That’s what we will try to use.”

Klopp is right in that he should be both delighted and frustrated by his side right now. The games are coming thick and fast. He will want Liverpool to both improve and show exactly the same qualities he’s seen recently.

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