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CGI Images Released of Proposed Anfield Road Expansion Plan

The images promise both more capacity, and a nicer matchday experience for the Liverpool faithful.

Liverpool v Norwich City - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

A few years ago—before the glorious reign of Jurgen Klopp—I was at a Christmas lunch with my in-laws, when my wife’s uncle (a Liverpool supporter) and cousin (an Arsenal supporter) started getting into some #TopBantz.

At one point the conversation turned to the subject of Anfield.

“It’s an antique,” the Arsenal supporter said dismissively.

“It’s called history!” The Liverpool supporter claimed, passionately.

At the time, our stadium was not only old but looked it. And it’s 45,000 seat capacity was falling behind Liverpool’s top rivals.

The Main Stand renovation and expansion, opened in 2016, went a long way towards freshening up the appearance of the stadium that is both antique and filled to the brim with history.

In renovating the Main Stand, FSG ensured that a vital part of the identity of the club—Anfield itself—remained. The culture and history that comes from that sacred patch of grass cannot be bought or replicated elsewhere.

However, it was just a first step. 54,000 is better than before, but still shy of what this club needs in order to fulfill the substantial—and increasingly global—demand for tickets.

Now it appears Liverpool are ready to take that next step, by expanding and renovating the Anfield Road end.

The restricted views? Gone. Old infrastructure? Renewed. Oh, and 7,000 new seats—raising capacity to 61,000—ain’t too bad either.

The early CGI images also look as if the design will be largely consistent with the expanded Main Stand. Though, it is not so seamlessly blended with the Sir Kenny Dalglish stand. Perhaps we’ll just have to renovate the whole stadium after all...

FSG’s strategy so far has shown that we can have the best of both worlds—historical foundations, and world-class, modern facilities.

Anyway, you can see the images here.

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