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Liverpool’s Joël Matip: “I Can Laugh About Myself”

The Liverpool defender’s unique mannerisms have a fan base all their own.

Liverpool v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Simon Stacpoole/Offside/Offside via Getty Images

He’s a terrific footballer, Joël Matip. And an easy going fellow, to boot. The Liverpool defender has been an important part of the team’s success over the last couple of seasons both for his skills and attributes and for his relaxed nature. Matip keeps it loose but remains in control and his partnership with Virgil van Dijk has been exceptional.

The player’s celebrations are already legendary for their unadulterated joy. Following Liverpool’s win over Chelsea in the UEFA Super Cup Matip was seen ‘raising the roof’ amongst the jubilation of his teammates on the winner’s podium.

The scene quickly became a moment captured in gif and made Matip an internet sensation. Matip doesn’t use social media but, when shown the Super Cup gif along with all the other Matip memes on the Twitter account @NoContextJMatip, the player showed what a strong character he has to be able to enjoy the quirky side of himself that fans affectionately tease.

“I don’t know!” said Matip speaking for the club’s official site. “There was no special plan for it.

”It’s funny and I think I make a lot of people laugh, so it’s not too bad.

”I can laugh about myself, that’s absolutely no problem. I’m looking at this and I say, ‘Ah, that’s quite funny’.

”If somebody else would do it, I would also laugh. I would have no problem to laugh about me.

”I can laugh about some things when other people do something, but I can also laugh about myself.”

Matip went on to describe his time at home as just as chill as his vibe at Melwood. That new Post-apocalyptic Mongolian Who Done It on Netflix that’s not even out yet? Matip’s probably seen it.

“I watch the whole programming on Netflix,” he says. “From stand-up comedy to drama, everything.

”I really enjoy the time to have some private time. Football is intense and you’re in the focus of the public and the people are always looking to you, so I enjoy the time when people cannot look at you!

”From time to time, of course I think about football. I’m looking at some football games of my old club or of the opponent teams. But at home it’s not the biggest part, I would say, it’s not like I’m talking the whole time about football.”

Matip was already out through injury heading into the international break and his recovery timeline is still unknown. There’s an issue with his knee that requires extended rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Hopefully, his return is sooner rather than later and we get to see another signature Joël Matip celebration before the end of the year.

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