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Fabinho Gets Two Nicknames for the Price of One

The Liverpool midfielder has one nickname from the players, and another from the fans.

Sheffield United v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus

We love a nickname for our Liverpool players, even in the worst of times. But of course this isn’t the worst of times. It’s the best. And our players are the best, and most seem to be sound and deserving of a good nickname.

With the British lads it’s easy enough. Toss an “O” on the end and you’re good to go. Hendo. Robbo. If you want to be creative, add an “y” or “ie”: Milly.

It can be a little more complicated with some of the non-British players, but recently Jurgen Klopp referred to Fabinho as Dyson. Not only did we get to find out what the play thinks of the nickname, but also learned that he has another one as well.

“A few people call me this [Dyson]!” Fabinho told the club’s official site. “Between us players I’m more known as Flaco but they’re cool nicknames.”

“Flaco” translates to “skinny” in Spanish, which, admittedly seems to fit.

“Before the coach used it [Dyson], another player used it - I think Milner might have said it.

“It’s a cool nickname but the other one that the majority of the players use, Flaco, that was started by Virgil and everybody started calling me it.”

So, Flaco or Dyson. Have your pick!

Or you can simply call him The Best DM in the League, and everyone should know who you’re talking about.

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