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Watch: Robertson and Brewster Compete Over Who Knows Their Teammates The Best

It’s Scotland vs. England in this international break. See who knows the squad the best.

Liverpool Pre-Season Training Camp Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

It took only a few months, and one mad one-man press against Manchester City, for Andy Robertson to become a darling of the Kop. And it didn’t take too much longer for LFCTV to take advantage of the latest in a long line of beloved, humorous, hardworking Scots to put on the iconic red shirt of Liverpool.

Since those early days, he’s appeared in a Christmas video, declaring himself “a working class hero.” He’s solved some “everyday dilemmas” with James Milner on a couple of occasions. And he has some strong opinions on biscuits.

I’m not quite sure where this will go down in the already impressive pantheon of Andy Robertson LFCTV content, but in this week’s instalment, Robbo goes head-to-head with the young Rhian Brewster over who knows their teammates the best.

It’s perhaps a bit unfair, youth against an older, first team regular, but Robbo came out on top nonetheless. Rhian will have to do more to overcome those ahead of him both on and off the training pitch, it seems.

Regardless, it’s a fun video if you have a spare 5 minutes during this impossibly long two-week international break. Bonus: you get to hear Robbo start singing “Si Senor,” before obviously forgetting the words and humming the rest.

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