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Klopp and Krawietz Determined to Leave Long-Term Liverpool Legacy

It’s not just about trophies in the present—it’s about trophies in the future after they have perhaps left the club.

Liverpool v Chelsea: UEFA Super Cup Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Four years ago today, Jürgen Klopp signed on to manage Liverpool Football Club, making for an anniversary that a lot of Liverpool fans will be celebrating today. He wasn’t the only one who joined the Reds that day, though.

Klopp was joined by Peter Krawietz, who started out as a scout at Mainz while Klopp was managing there and then moved with him to Dortmund. Then, in 2015, he again joined Klopp, signing on as his assistant with the Reds.

“Today we can say—and we see—it was the right decision to come here,” Krawietz said of that decision to head to England and take on Liverpool. “On one side it was an opportunity; on the other side, it was a massive challenge.

“To leave your home country, come to England, and learn about a new, massively big club. It was a big step. We didn’t expect it would be easy. But I would say it’s not too bad so far, a few things worked out pretty well.”

A sixth European Cup for the club is testament to that—along with two other European finals appearances and a 97-point league season. According to Krawietz, though, it’s not just about winning trophies in the present.

Part of the goal when Klopp and Krawietz joined Liverpool was creating something that would be sustainable long-term. A vision for success larger than either of them, of the sort that existed at Liverpool during the club’s glory years.

“This is what we always wanted,” Krawietz added. “We thought the things we want take a bit of time—a long-term idea—and we’d come somewhere where we’d try to make an impact for the whole club, even if you are not here anymore.

“Something which stays—not only trophies and a good time—and that it can go on. It worked in Mainz, it worked in Dortmund, and I hope we are in a good way to do it as well in Liverpool.”

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