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Jürgen Klopp on Liverpool’s Incredible Win Over Arsenal: The Boys Will Remember it Forever

A simply astonishing night.

Liverpool FC v Arsenal FC - Carabao Cup Round of 16 Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Well that was certainly something.

It’s not every day that you watch a 5-5 game won on a penalty shootout. This match was completely drunk. It felt like every shot went in. Describing it in any coherent sense feels impossible because it was just pure madness. I mean, we equalised in the 93rd minute from a Divock Origi overhead kick to make it 5-5. Harvey Elliott was arguably the best player on the pitch. Curtis Jones changed the game. We were dreadful for long periods! We somehow won this! Football is a mad sport sometimes. Jürgen Klopp seemed to enjoy the craziness of the occasion.

“We made some mistakes, we played some average passes”, the Liverpool manager told Sky Sports, as reported by BBC Sport. We were too open at times. We can talk about tactics but who cares on a night like this? I hoped for the boys they would have a game to remember. What they did tonight, I lost it really.

”It’s like a dream to play for the first time at Anfield, but things might not be going right and you have to stay on track. All our goals we cored were wonderful.

”Kelleher is an outstanding talent. The crossing from Williams, he might not thought he would play tonight.

”Jones... it was not my decision in the end for him to take the last penalty. When I saw the list Origi was the taker of the last one and they changed it obviously.

”If you don’t win nobody remembers it in three years, if it works out the boys will remember it forever.”

Certainly right they will remember it. You can’t really describe games like this. It was pure chaos. Pure joy. Pure... something anyway. I had a great time watching it. Way better than a comfortable 2-0.

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