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Jürgen Klopp on Liverpool’s Clash with Manchester United: Winning There Is the Next Step

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

So, then. Liverpool against Manchester United at Old Trafford today. Feel sick yet?

It’s very thankful that the Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp, unlike me, does not seem to become a nervous wreck in these situations. He seems to take a much more adult view of things than I could.

“Winning there would be a big next step,” Goal report Klopp as saying.

“It’s not a step we have to make otherwise we cannot develop, no. But for our own history with me it is obviously something we have not achieved yet.

”This team wrote their own story and made their own history and this would be another step. But we cannot make it by simply talking about it.

“We have to go there and play the best football we can play, with the biggest balls, being ready for each challenge, fighting for every ball, all that stuff. That is what we have to do.

”When I first went to Old Trafford it was difficult to face that situation. Nobody expected us to win. But now the situation has changed. We expect a chance to win the game whoever we play or wherever we go.

“You have to be in the game to a point where a situation develops where if there is a winner it’s going to be us. It has nothing to do with history.”

Klopp also spoke about Mohamed Salah, and the surprising to him stat that he has not scored against Manchester United.

“It is difficult to know what he’s thinking. If someone had told me he’d never scored against United I would have said, ‘Really?’,” Klopp added.

“I suppose the more you go without scoring against an opponent there may be one moment when you start scoring against them.

“All these games are big tests. I don’t see it as a specific test for him but yes it is a big test. And sometimes there will be ‘old school’ challenges and you have to be ready for them. That is how it is.”

As much as it’s hard for me to stay calm here, Klopp views the game as just another step. As he should.

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