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Jürgen Klopp on Close Call Win Over Salzburg: “The Momentum Changed”

Liverpool got it done, just.

Liverpool FC v RB Salzburg: Group E - UEFA Champions League Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

Well that was fun. Or terrifying, depending on your perspective.

Liverpool were very, very good against Red Bull... sorry, just “FC Salzburg”, nothing shady about it. For about half an hour. Then Liverpool were terrible for a while. Then it mostly evened out and we got the three points in the bag. Football can work like that sometimes. Klopp was mostly feeling pretty reasonable about it all.

”It’s better to learn the lessons during the game than talk about it after it”, Klopp told BT Sport, as reported by BBC Sport.

”I thought we were outstanding in the first 30 minutes, then the Salzburg system changed and we lost the ball so that caused us problems.

”The momentum changed and it was really difficult to get a foot in the game. We had to wait until they had scored the third goal, then we were able to strike back.

”I’m not angry - I saw us play really well and try hard to get back into the game and score a really nice goal. You don’t need to score six or seven goals.

”[Salzburg] are a good side but the first 30 minutes we made it really difficult for them and played outstanding.

”I told the boys they want to enjoy the whole night and they will fight back.

”This is group is really difficult but we wanted the three points and now it’s game on.”

Look, Liverpool cannot play like that every game. We need to have some level of control most of the time that has been lacking in recent weeks. Whether that comes from a tactical change, a personnel shift, or just changes in fitness and mentality remains to be seen. Something has to sharpen up.

But you won’t find too many people complaining too loudly as long as the team keeps winning.

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