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Liverpool Rise to Seventh in Deloitte Money League

The Reds have leapt past Arsenal and Chelsea in the latest edition of football’s rich list.

Pound Sinks To All Time Low Against The Euro Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Following last week’s news that UEFA expect Liverpool to be the first club to surpass £100M in net profit when previous year financials are made public, Deloitte have today put out their 2017-18 football money league and have the Reds rising two spots.

Liverpool have surpassed Arsenal and Chelsea, rising from ninth richest club in the world to seventh and closing the gap on Paris Saint-Germain, who currently sit sixth. Liverpool’s rise isn’t the only significant change to this year’s edition of the money league, either.

At the top of the list, Manchester United have stagnated, with the struggling club seeing less financial growth in 2017-18 than any other top ten club on Deloitte’s list and as a result of that falling to third behind Real Madrid and Barcelona.

United have cited currency fluctuations following England’s Brexit vote and not on-pitch performance as the cause, but that doesn’t seem to have been an issue for other English clubs and even Everton—17th on the list—saw revenues increase more than United’s.

Elsewhere, Juventus and Borussia Dortmund—11th and 12th on the list, respectively—are the two other top sides that along with United struggled most to increase revenue from 2016-17 compared to Europe’s other financial juggernauts.

Meanwhile, Newcastle United fans will have further reason to harbour ill will towards owner Mike Ashley today as their club came 19th on football’s rich list, making his refusals to back manager Rafa Benitez in the transfer market look even worse.

Deloitte Football Money League 2017-18 Top Ten
(previous rankings and earnings in brackets)

  1. (2) Real Madrid €750.9m (€674.6M)
  2. (3) FC Barcelona €690.4M (€648.3M)
  3. (1) Manchester United €666M (€676.3M)
  4. (4) Bayern Munich €629.2M (€587.8M)
  5. (5) Manchester City €568.4M (€527.7M)
  6. (7) Paris Saint-Germain €541.7M (€486.2M)
  7. (9) Liverpool €513.7M (€424.2M)
  8. (8) Chelsea €505.7M (€428M)
  9. (6) Arsenal €439.2M (€487.6M)
  10. (11) Tottenham Hotspur €428.3M (€359.5M)

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