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A Little Brazilian Love

Firmino hails the hard work of fellow Brazilian Alisson.

Brighton & Hove Albion v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

It couldn’t have been easy to come in, with a record breaking transfer fee, to be Liverpool Football Club’s new goalkeeper. The amount of pressure to perform and the weight on his shoulders had to be immense. But Alisson Becker has spent this season making it look easy.

The fact that people can only point to one or two specific mistakes he’s made over the course of this season attests to how well he’s bedded in with this club and taken off running. It’s impossible to know just how many points a season a world class goalkeeper earns a team, but it’s safe to say that his calm presence has been a huge asset to the team.

Roberto Firmino, while in Dubai with the team for some warm weather training, took time out to compliment his fellow countryman on his extraordinary efforts.

“Yes, it’s just as difficult to score against him in training as it is in matches,” Firmino admitted. “He demands a lot of himself, which is great isn’t it? He’s an excellent keeper and deserves all the success he is having in his life, at work, day-to-day training and in matches.”

In the past year, Liverpool have replaced one Brazilian, Philippe Coutinho, with two: Alisson and Fabinho. A season on and I’m not sure any Liverpool fan would want it any other way, despite how beloved Coutinho was before he left for Barcelona.

Add in Firmino himself, and our trio of Brazilian superstars look set to make up the spine of the team for years to come.

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