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Jordan Henderson Dares Opposition Fans to Boo Mo Salah

Let’s see how far that gets them, huh?

Brighton & Hove Albion v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

On Saturday afternoon, one season wonder Mohamed Salah ran into a spot of bother when Liverpool played Brighton & Hove Albion. Upon receiving and consequently scoring a penalty that was apparently controversial to the Seagulls fans, Salah spent the rest of the game getting booed by the Brighton faithful.

The fans believed that Salah went down too easily when Pascal Gross yanked him to the ground. This was the second “soft” penalty called in Salah’s favor over the last few weeks. It’s hard to believe, I guess, that the best attacking player in the Premier League might get himself into positions to earn his team two penalties over the course of three weeks.

Captain Jordan Henderson thinks that, like Luis Suarez before him, Salah will only be spurred on by any jeering from the opposition fans in the coming matches.

“He’s got this very strong mentality and I thought he was brilliant at Brighton,” Henderson said. “He will do things that some fans might not see that often but they should enjoy him because he is world class.

“It was a penalty, a clear penalty. There’s nothing to talk about that. In terms of Mo, I would think away grounds would be appreciative of what they see. The things he does, I’m sure he is a joy to watch. If they try to put pressure on him, they will only make him better. It won’t bother him. He’s so strong, I know he is.

“The more people are against him, the more he will want to prove them wrong. I’m not worried about that. When he goes to away grounds, people should appreciate him. He will do things that people want to see.”

The subtle shade of Hendo suggesting that opposition fans should shut up and be grateful that they get to witness the brilliance of Mohamed Salah live — even if it’s at the expense of their own team — is just a perfect chef’s kiss.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem like Salah’s hot form is going to cool off any time soon, but other fans can go ahead and keep crying about it.

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