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Naby Keïta is a Better Dancer Than Sadio Mané (According to Naby Keïta)

A few highlights from Naby Keïta’s recent big interview.

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Liverpool v Torino - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

It’s a slow news week. It’s international break. Liverpool’s main site realized that and dropped a gem of an interview with Naby Keïta this week. Not in a typical fashion, they let fans write in the questions instead of asking boring football related questions. Some of the best questions are below.

Sadio Mané and Keïta’s relationship is well documented, as they appear to be best friends. Michael from Auckland, Australia asked Naby which of the two players was a better dancer, and Naby answered, “That would be me.” Love the confidence, Naby. May need video proof, though.

We’ve all wondered just how good the hugs are from Jurgen Klopp, and Ethan from Kent got to ask Naby just what they’re like. Naby’s answer was great, “He gives everyone hugs. I like him. He’s someone who, how can I put it, well, he treats everyone the same. All the players are equal for him, he’s close to everybody, I see him at training, and even with the guys who aren’t playing at the time, he’s the same with everyone. If you get a hug after the game, it means that we’ve won the game and also that you’ve done a good job too I reckon.”

Perhaps Naby could become a life coach after his footballing career is over? Archie from Windsor asked Naby why he was always so happy, and Naby’s answer was very deep, “My mother always told me to never get too down about things, and that you should always make the best of things and always be happy. That gives you the desire and the motivation and so you should never be sad about things. Everything happens for a reason and is almost planned out for us. So you should always be happy and upbeat. I know you can’t be deliriously happy every day but we can at least try to be.”

May we all live with that spirit. Check out the rest of the interview here.

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