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Gomez on Alisson’s Ball Playing: “We Don’t Want Him to Change”

Some fans and pundits wrung their hands following Alisson’s error against Leicester, but Joe Gomez doesn’t agree.

Crystal Palace v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Most knew that when Liverpool signed Alisson, they were getting not just one of the game’s best shot stoppers but also a goalkeeper who liked to play with the ball at his feet, one who would help the side build out from the back and could be used as an outlet for pressure.

In short, a sweeper keeper, and no matter how good a sweeper keeper is with the ball, it is inevitable that mistakes will be made. The hope is always that their ability and style of play will lead to more points gained than lost. And so far, Alisson has lost Liverpool no points.

“That is his style of play and I think everyone wants him to continue doing that,” was centre half Joe Gomezreaction when asked about Alisson’s play with the ball at his feet—and the nervy moment against Leicester City that led to a goal against but not, in the end, a loss.

“All the time he gives us that confidence that we can play and it relieves a lot of pressure for us. Everyone has their style of play and we don’t want him to change. I think he’s confident and will continue to—we’re bound to concede goals but the main thing is the reaction.”

Alisson did what he was brought in to do, even if his execution in the moment was perhaps a little off—as was Virgil van Dijk’s pass back to him that was misplaced and put him under pressure and as was Gomez’ own slow movement to offer the goalkeeper a short option.

And in the end, Liverpool still won. The team, collectively, reacted well to the error of the moment, an error that wasn’t even entirely Alisson’s. Hopefully, it won’t change how he now plays. Given his confidence, you’d expect that it won’t.

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