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Klopp Talk: “We Can Do Better and Now We Know More”

Jürgen Klopp is disappointed Liverpool were the better side but lost to Chelsea. A win on Saturday would fix things.

Liverpool v Chelsea - Carabao Cup Third Round Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

It’s never fun to lose, but if you were to tell Liverpool fans they had to pick one of their first eight games—six in the league, on in the League Cup, and one in the Champions League—not to get in a result in, the result likely would have been unanimous.

It would have been the League Cup. And so now that they have failed to get a result there, losing to Chelsea in a game they were mostly the better side in, there is disappointment but there is also a kind of acceptance. Win on the weekend and all will be well.

“I’m disappointed, yes, because we could have won,” Jürgen Klopp said. “Specific things Chelsea were doing we needed time adapt to that but we did better and better and even when we were not ready for it we had the better chances, so that was good.

“We needed some time—and then when we got used to it we lost the game! We were doing much better and scored our goal, were much better even dominating and passing and then they got that free kick and scored a goal from that and then a second.”

As for that second, Klopp had nothing but respect for Eden Hazard’s winner, as Chelsea brought on their star winger to change things after Liverpool’s shadow squad had adjusted and begun to consistently look better than Chelsea’s shadow squad.

It’s disappointing, but it’s hard to feel too bad about it. Liverpool were, on the run of play, the better side, and they better while adjusting on the fly to some new things Chelsea tried that they weren’t fully expecting. Now, in two days, they go again.

“We know much more what will happen on Saturday because we’ve seen it before so we will use the two days to prepare,” Klopp added. “We can do better and now we know more. I think we were well prepared but the game will help massively.”

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