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Klopp Talk: “We Should Have the Best Time of Our Lives”

Liverpool’s fans and players are enjoying making Anfield a place opponents fear to visit.

Liverpool FC v Southampton FC - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Liverpool’s goal, from the players to the coaching staff to the fans, should be to make Anfield uncomfortable for every opponent. Whether it’s in Europe, the league, or the domestic cup the goal should be to make every opponent fear visiting.

That’s nothing new, of course—Anfield has always been an advantage for Liverpool. But it was clear to many that Anfield wasn’t quite the fortress it once was in recent seasons And it’s clear they’ve been getting back to the fortress of old under Jürgen Klopp.

“If I was a manager of another team coming here I would never feel comfortable and I would never have in the past,” Klopp noted. “That is the situation. Now we grow step by step. The club, the team, everything. Hopefully it stays like this.

“I am not a genius. I knew about the potential of the club and stadium because everyone knows. It is different now but the team is different and we win step by step. We should have a better atmosphere in the stadium and win more than three years ago.”

That’s not a slight on past crowds—or on past teams. But it is a step by step process, a reinforcing upward spiral of better performances on the pitch inspiring better crowds watching on that in turn fuel better performances on the pitch.

And it’s difficult to imagine another manager being more tuned in to the reality of that, to both the potential of Anfield and for the way that the fans and players can feed off each other to create a formidable environment for opponents, than Klopp.

The next step is more consistency, regardless the competition or opponent—for both players and fans—and with that, the titles and trophies Liverpool supporters crave should follow in turn, even if it’s impossible to say exactly when or which.

“We want to win things but we don’t know when it will happen,” Klopp added. “We don’t know but we should have the best time of our lives until it happens. Performances, results, atmosphere—have the best time until it happens.

“When it happens then we have to start again. If it doesn’t happen we have to try again. That is how life is and football is.”

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