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Henderson: Kiev Experience Will Make Us Hungry in Europe

The captain believes that their heartbreaking loss will spark a light under the team this season.

Real Madrid v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final
Sorry for triggering anyone’s PTSD with this picture.
Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Unfortunately, the name “Kiev” is going to come up in some way before every single Champions League game that Liverpool plays this season, so get ready. The specter of that miserable nightmare will stick with us, but Jordan Henderson believes that there may be a silver lining.

“We can take a lot from it, a lot of confidence from that run to the final,” Henderson said in the lead up to the first Champions League match of the season against Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday.

“Obviously we want to go even further this year but we can use the experience in big games like this. My medal is in the drawr at home. No-one likes a loser’s medal, but at the same time the experience of going through it was good for the team and we can use it going forward in this campaign.

“In terms of the final, you just have to use that as motivation to get back there as quickly as possible and put it right. It will certainly not have a negative effect on the team.”

It might not have a negative effect on the team, but it certainly has a negative effect on my blood pressure when I think about that last game. But Tuesday marks a whole new campaign, and if the captain, who is expected to return to the starting XI, can move past it, then so can I. For sure. Eventually. Maybe? Let’s go with maybe.

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