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Alexander-Arnold Talks About His Dreams Coming True

He’s a good boy, Brent.

England Media Access Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Trent Alexander-Arnold has been on fire recently, and it’s gratifying to know that he’s loving every single second of this as much as we are. The 19 year-old Liverpool native has spoken at length about how much his place in Anfield means to him, and his recent successes in the Premier League, the World Cup, and the Champions League haven’t done anything to change that.

“I feel I have been very lucky,” Alexander-Arnold told the Liverpool ECHO. “When you are growing up you have dreams of being a footballer, perhaps even playing for the club you support, and I am living that dream.

“Every young boy probably has the same dream, but it is only one or two per cent who see it come true, and that was something my mum and dad always warned me about.

“They were really supportive, but also made me aware it might not work and so I needed to stick with my education. Everybody needs one, no matter what you end up doing.”

Alexander-Arnold has had an excellent start to the season with a back four that’s only let in a single goal so far. When asked about who his childhood heroes were, the English international named Fabio Cannavaro and Philipp Lahm, as well as local heroes like Jamie Carragher.

And he’s fast becoming a local hero to kids younger than him:

“It’s hard to believe kids now look up to me the way I looked up to Carragher and Gerrard, but I suppose it might be true,” he added. “Hopefully I’m a decent role model, inspiring young people to work hard.”

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