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Liverpool’s New Goalkeeper Impressively “Comfortable” on the Ball

Liverpool’s new goalkeeper likes to play like a defender with the ball at his feet and is settling in quickly with his new teammates.

Liverpool v S.S.C Napoli - Pre Season Friendly Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

One of the first things people always pointed to when Liverpool were linked with a move for Alisson Becker was the goalkeeper’s ability to play as a defender with the ball at his feet, his comfort on the ball a key to why he seemed such a good fit for Jürgen Klopp’s side.

It may be early, with the Brazilian international having spent just a week with his new team and played in one pre-season friendly, but left back Andy Robertson says it’s clear already the club’s new signing is comfortable helping the team build out from the back.

“I thought he looked very comfortable and I think we adapted to him quite easily,” noted Robertson. “He was very comfortable on the ball five minutes in and it meant we could show for it and he was starting most of our play, so it was a very good performance.”

Over the course of the season it’s inevitable perhaps that that comfort on the ball won’t always pay off—even against Napoli in Saturday’s friendly there was one mis-hit pass from Alisson that handed the ball to the opposition in a dangerous attacking area.

On the whole, though, the idea with a goalkeeper like Alisson is that his ability to help the side maintain possession and even to create chances as he did starting the move that led to the day’s opening goal will more than balance out the occasional turnover.

“From day one he settled in quite quickly,” added Robertson. “I think everyone knew from his first interview he spoke very good English so the settling-in period is over for him and I think he is very much part of the squad. Today he looked at home.

“He looked comfortable and when he was called upon he made the saves he had to make. All goalkeepers are different so it takes a bit of time but today will help the defence and help him know how we play as well.”

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