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Fabinho Is Full of Praise for Klopp

The new number 3 is very impressed by the boss.

Liverpool v S.S.C Napoli - Pre Season Friendly Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

It’s a huge understatement to say that Fabinho’s purchase came as a surprise, but Liverpool got the man they were clearly after for a while, unbeknown to any of us. Klopp wanted a new signing to bring stability to the midfield and the Brazilian is the man for the job.

What’s more, the man himself is very impressed by his new boss and the coaching staff.

“He is a coach who demands a lot of players”, ESPN report Fabinho as saying. “Every day, not only in games. He and his technical staff and the physical trainer are always with me.

“They tell me things that I need to improve and that no one has ever told me before. Off-field and strengthening tips -- I’ve been working with them on top of that -- and that’s a thing that no one has ever told me.

“They are helping me to improve on every detail and raise my performance on the field. This has been positive for me. And I hope I can continue to develop as a player”.

It’s always great to get these insights into how the manager works behind the scenes. What’s more, he doesn’t think there should be much of an adjustment period for him as he sees similarities between Liverpool and his former club Monaco.

“Monaco had a transition very similar to Liverpool’s. I think these two teams can be compared in this way; both of them have very fast transition, with very fast players up front. I have adapted well in Liverpool. I’ve been doing well in the games we’ve played and I hope to be as important here as I was at Monaco.

“As a new player here, am looking forward to know this league. Making my debut will be a positive thing for us as well. The Premier League has a lot of intensity, a lot of physicality. I could see that in some friendlies we played against English teams. But I hope to adapt as soon as possible”.

The sense one gets from Fabinho in these quotes is that he’s someone who really thinks about how he can improve as a player. Talent gets you a long way, but the right mental focus can be a huge edge separating the best players from the rest.

Fabinho may be new to the Premier League, but there’s every hope that he will be a fan favourite in no time.

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